Stylish Man: Developing Personal Style

Although it may seem difficult, the process of developing your personal style can be a fun one. Allow yourself to experiment and get out of your comfort zone, and venture out into new clothing.

This guide is for the neoteric man who wants to either build or enhance their personal style.

1.) Create a list of people who you admire in terms of style. Whether they are real people, superheros, movie characters or whatever, to start just brainstorm people, regardless of gender who you think look cool.

For example, lets take Jordan. He has always admired Rihanna, Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and James Bond, all the Bonds.

2.) Assess what it is about these people that you admire. Is it what they wear, how they wear it, or how they put everything together? Style is just as much HOW you wear the clothes rather than WHAT you wear.

  • Jordan admires Rihanna because of her confidence and how she is not afraid to wear clothes and make them her own.
  • He likes the 1990s era and the looks that Will Smith wore on the show. He also likes Will Smith’s funny personality and how he incorporates that into his swagger. He wants a more modern look, but wants to incorporate some qualities from the 90s.
  • To Jordan, the actors James Bond wore the perfect mixture of high class, simplistic but professional, versatile looks.

3.) Break down all the elements of their outfits to the clothing item, accessories, shoes and all. Notice how they tuck their clothes, the fit of their clothes, and how they layer them. If it also helps, collect multiple pictures of your favorite outfits they have worn, or collect pictures of any outfits you think look good.

Jordan noticed that Rihanna likes to wear her jackets overly baggy, but her jeans are tight fitting. He likes her necklace and chain layering, as well as her rings.

From the Fresh Prince, he likes his use of hats and Jordan sneakers. He also likes the baggy jeans and oversized shirts. The nylon windbreakers are really cool to Jordan too.

With Bond, he liked the incorporation of formal wear such as button downs and polos into his causal looks of cotton pants/slacks or jeans to dress them up. Bond is also perfect inspiration for formal wear (suits and tuxedos).

4.) Its time to go shopping, whether you dread it or not. Start by getting basic pieces (ex: monochromatic colored shirts and polos, black and blue denim jeans, etc.) first that work well together, are versatile for whatever situation, that you can mix and match to get the most out of your new pieces. Seek out similar items when shopping. To make it personal, choose prints and colors that catch your eye. Then try to find unique staple pieces that set you apart.

Jordan found a sick Tommy Hilfiger lightweight, comfortable windbreaker from the thrift store that is very 90s. He loves it, and when he wears it people comment on how much they like it. Staple piece found.

5.) Remember that building personal style is a process that will take a long time. It may take a while to amass a closet full of clothes you like, but it will happen in due time. Make an effort to shop for new clothes regularly if you have down time, especially when traveling to get pieces you know your peers do not have.

Things to AVOID:
Try to stay away from following trends often, unless they really speak to you and you love the look of them.

Outside of basics, consider staying away from fast fashion and highly accessible clothing in malls. Try thrift stores and vintage shops for unique pieces not everyone has.

10 thoughts on “Stylish Man: Developing Personal Style

  1. simplyjorge says:

    The blog idea is very unique! I would say my style is very casual. I cant really see myself wearing flashy clothes that I see a lot of celebrities wearing but theres those sometimes that I see them wearing something that I wish I could pull off.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kasperbroeggerandersen says:

    I think this subject is really interesting and I enjoyed reading your blog a lot! I can’t wait to read more about this subject. Personally, I don’t think of myself with a specific style. I am mostly just casually dressed with a sporty look. I have done that for several years and I have always liked how comfortable this “style” is.


  3. emmabibbs says:

    I love this post. I don’t think that anyone should be afraid to express themselves with clothing, regardless of sex or gender identification. Personally, I love when men have a sense of style, because it shows that they are not afraid to be themselves. Besides, there are way too many dope menswear pieces out there for them to go to waste.


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